Playdate Podcast Episode 12: Gamejolt Co-Founders David & Yaprak

Gamejolt is a marketplace that aims to connect independent developers with gamers. The co-founders David (@TheyTookCROS) and Yaprak (@maskofthoro) join us to talk about the work it takes to make that happen, how they make sure people’s games get highlighted, and more.

Outside of games, David and Yaprak have been hitting up some breweries in Denver, Bela’s been at his grandparents for a pool party, and Ben loves Kesha’s new singles (especially “Praying”). We also hit on tackling grandpas, getting to the point, saisons vs szechuan, learning Turkish in secret, and more.

David and Yaprak also curated some games for us for that they’re going to be showcasing at their party at PAX West. If you’re in the area on September 1st, you can register to attend it here.

The games discussed this episode are:

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