Playdate Podcast Episode 11: Sole

Rapper, podcaster, anarchist organizer, and all-around comrade Sole (@mcsole) joins us to talk about games. Ben chose three games that he thought Sole would find interesting. We cover those, then talk about what we’ve all been up to in games. Sole not being a games person, we figured that made the most sense.

Bela has been playing Overwatch and has a Doomfist Hot Take; Ben highly recommends the demo for Mafia III and likes Pixel Dungeon quite a bit; and Sole has been failing his poor Rimworld inhabitants and taking out scrubs in Titanfall 2. We also talk about Sole’s garden, his podcast The Solecast, and Channel Zero Network, an anarchist and anti-authoritarian podcast network that he’s involved with creating.

The games curated for this episode:

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