Playdate Podcast Episode 10: The MIX at Evo

Quick note: The audio quality on this isn’t the best. Ben’s end has some train noises and some echo-y acoustics, and Bela’s has some persistent clicks. I did my best to mitigate those problems. Hopefully it’s not too bad.

This time around, Bela and Ben get together to talk about Evo. Ben picked three games that were at The MIX at Evo this year for us to play. Ben talks about Smash and Tekken, and we reminisce a bit about being at last year’s event with Bela’s game. Then we get into the selections.

After that, we talk about what we’ve been up to outside of games. Bela just finished a smaller Playdate event! He talks about being at Nonplussed Fest with some Playdate 2017 developers, and watching some of the films that were showing. He specifically mentions Atlantic City Character Study by Ben+Bill and Vivian & Veronica: Cheetah by imagesbykelsy.

Ben’s been reading a lot, but mostly we talk about his recent trip to The Castro Theatre. There’s some discussion of when he went to see Cibo Matto New Scene back in 2015 (and Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet), and then we get into the double feature he saw recently. Modern Times (starring Charlie Chaplin) and Metropolis by Fritz Lang, specifically. He even mentions the post he made on his blog, if you want to read it: Charlie Chaplin & Anti-Comedy.

The games discussed this episode are:


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