Playdate Podcast Episode 8: Dante Douglas

Dante Douglas (@videodante) joins us to talk about a selection of games that he curated for our show. Outside of games, we’ve been up to Xena: Warrior Princess (Season Three), the Bug Fair, and finding bike paths and writing poems. We talk about the games, then get into an in-depth interview with Dante. Subjects include the conferences he organized while a part of University of Oregon, getting sappy about videogames, feeling accepted and changed by community, and more.

The games discussed this episode include:

You can also check out Dante’s games on his page, which has a favorites list that includes these games and many more. In the interview we discuss his A Game-Poem / In Which DEPRESSION / The Psychological Condition, / Is Presented Ludically, / In the Form of / A VIDEOGAME, and DIVINER.


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