Playdate Podcast Episode 7: Looking Back on Playdate 2016

For this episode of the Playdate Podcast, we take a look back at last year’s Playdate showcase. First we talk a little bit about how we got this thing going, and then Ben brings up Petscop, a new creepypasta with interesting design potential, and Bela talks about the flyer that Floppydisko made for Playdate 2017, which includes some shout outs to the Tiny Splendor collective and a short primer on risograph printing.

We’re doing this because May is a pretty big month over here! At the end of it (the 28th) we have the 2nd annual Playdate showcase as part of LA Zine Fest, which you can find more about here. So this episode is about our first one, and our next episode will be all about the one that’s about to happen. We’re also doing a bunch of short interviews with the participants of this year’s showcase, which we should be releasing on this very feed in the lead-up to the event.

The games we discuss in this episode are:

We certainly hope you can join us at LA Zine Fest for Playdate! And even if you can’t, check out the website; a big chunk of the games we’ll be showing have free versions or demos up online, so you can play them and be there with us in spirit.

And hey, if you do, feel free to let us know: we’re available on Twitter @PlaydateGS, on Facebook, and through email at playdategs[at]gmail[dot]com. We always love to get feedback, good or bad, on what we’re doing!



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