Playdate Podcast Episode 3: Games vs Nazis & John Warren Interview

Interview! We talked with John Warren about the Games vs Nazis Jam, which he helped judge. We chatted about judging jams, The Man in the High Castle‘s iffy arc, donating the jam’s proceeds to RAINN and the SPLC, and more.

Before that, we briefly discussed Playdate, Shigeru Mizuki’s Showa, and Jordan Peele’s Get Out (spoilers from ~5:30-9:30). Then we do a Lightning Round for ten games from the Games vs Nazis Jam.

The games discussed in this episode are:

Quick reminder that submissions for Playdate, a pop up arcade at LA Zine Fest, are still open, so send something in! Playdate is co-organized by your co-hosts Ben and Bela. Get in touch with us with any questions or comments at playdategs[at]gmail[dot]com, or on Twitter or Facebook. Feel free to leave a rating or review on iTunes, or subscribe to the RSS feed here.

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