Playdate Podcast Episode 2: Ride the Lightning Round

The Playdate Podcast returns to the Good Bundle with a new format. This time, we talk about ten games. After we say hello again and Bela tells you a little about what he’s planning on doing at GDC, we enter our new Lightning Round! In the lightning round, we talk the first eight games, offering one piece of praise and one piece of constructive criticism or critical insight.

After the Lightning Round, each of us chose one game to go a little deeper into. Ben talks about Loren Schmidt’s Beads of Orange Glass, focusing on the way that multiplayer changes the narrative of Glitch Art. Bela talks about how Monkey Pop inspired design thoughts in him.

Once again, submissions to Playdate at LA Zine Fest are still open! Head over to to send it in to show it to thousands of folks engaged in the DIY community. Also feel free to subscribe and rate the show on iTunes if you like!

In this episode, we discuss the games:
Catlateral Damage (Chris Chung) @CatlateralDMG
Trackoons (Laundry bear games + robert peacock) @laundry_bear
Blitz Breaker (Boncho Games) @blekdar
Judgement Arena (Missing Sentinel Software) @josefnpat
Spherakill (Spacetronaut) @ambocclusion & more
SnuggleBat (CodeJill) @codejill
Farbenspiel (Rat King) @RatKingsLair
Salvage Solitude 8140 (Missing Sentinel Software) @josefnpat
Beads of Orange Glass (Loren Schmidt) @lorenschmidt
Monkey Pop (Sleazy Wizard) @scumbly

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